Postman/GDS Services

IPPB offers banking services in rural, semi-urban and urban areas through Doorstep banking services, powered by an efficient network of Postman/GDS. As a customer, you can avail the Doorstep banking services at your communication address, be it residential or shop/business. 

Features and Benefits

  •  Easy, Convenient and paperless account opening
  •  You can choose a time slot of your convenience for Doorstep banking
  •  Takes financial inclusion to the last mile of the nation/Enables banking even in the most remote areas in the country

Services provided by the GDS/Postman

Customer On-boarding

The GDS/Postman will open your requested type of account by visiting your registered address. You can open any of the following accounts using this service:

  • Basic savings account
  • Regular savings account
  • Salary account
  • Current account (This type of account can be opened in addition to any one of the above three accounts)

Merchant On-boarding

  • You can open a current account and avail Merchant Services through our Postman/GDS at your doorstep
  • Once on-board, you can enjoy digital payment acceptance solutions and manage your day-to-day business activities efficiently

Account Services

  • Cash deposit and withdrawals
  • Instant money transfers
  • Easy money transfer to your own as well as to other IPPB accounts
  • Bill payments
  • Account modification 

Third Party Products

  • Third-party insurance – Group term insurance

Other Account-Related Services

  • Update PAN and nominee details
  • Beneficiary management
  • Request for account statement and related reports 
  • Stop payment of cheques
  • Add/delete standing instructions
  • QR card re-issuance
  • Aadhaar linking
  • Share Complaints/Feedback with the GDS/Postman 
  • Upgrade Account and Update personal details through our Doorstep banking services
  • Avail the facility of sweep-in and sweep-out at your doorstep

How to initiate the Doorstep banking services?

Call the toll-free number 155299 or contact the nearest Post Office to book a Doorstep service.