FAQs – Digital Life Certificate

Q. What is Jeevan Pramaan/Digital Life Certificate (DLC)?

A. Jeevan Pramaan is a biometric enabled Aadhaar-based DLC for pensioners. Jeevan Pramaan or DLC is generated for any individual pensioner using his/her Aadhaar number and biometric

Q. What is a Pension Sanctioning Authority (PSA)?

A. It is the authority which approves and sanctions the pension of an individual. The pension is to be delivered in the pension account specified in the Pension Payment Order (PPO).

Q. What are Pension Disbursing Agencies (PDAs)?

A. . The pension disbursing agencies process the DLC of the pensioners. The PDAs can register on the Jeevan Pramaan Portal to access the life certificates on-line. This account sign-up facility has been created for the PDAs (banks, post offices etc.) to process pension orders. The agencies can securely login to view/ download a PDF copy of DLC of pensioner for processing.

Q. How is DLC different from traditional life certificate issued by govt. offices/ agencies?

A. For Jeevan Pramaan or DLC, the pensioner is not required to present himself/ herself personally before the pension disbursing officer. DLC does not have to be submitted physically to the PDA (bank/post office etc.) as it is made available to them digitally and is automatically processed by the PDA. Also each DLC will have a unique id called the Pramaan ID.

Q. Is the Pramaan ID / Jeevan Pramaan (DLC) valid for lifetime?

A. . The Pramaan ID/Jeevan Pramaan is not valid for life. The validity period of the certificate is as per rules specified by the concerned PSA. Once the validity period expires, a new Jeevan Pramaan Certificate (DLC) i.e. a new Pramaan ID needs to be obtained.

Q. Who is eligible for being issued Jeevan Pramaan or DLC?

A. A pensioner whose PSA is available on Jeevan Pramaan portal and is eligible for Jeevan Pramaan certification. List of on boarded PSAs can be found by visiting the link: https://jeevanpramaan.gov.in/newassets/docs/List_of_agency_authority.pdf

Q. How can the customer obtain a Jeevan Pramaan or DLC via IPPB?

A. This DLC service is available across all IPPB access points/ post offices and also at the door step of pensioner through postman/Grameen Dak Sevak using Micro-ATM devices.

Q. Which are the various authorities and participants involved in the issuance and generation of Jeevan Pramaan or DLC?

A. A. Following are the authorities and participants involved in the Jeevan Pramaan or DLC process:
a) Pension Sanctioning Authorities (PSAs)
b) Pension Disbursing Agencies (PDAs)
c) Pensioners

Q. What are the pre-requisites for DLC generation?

A. The pensioner must have a Aadhaar number
a) The pensioner must have an existing mobile number
b) Registration of the Aadhaar number with Pension Disbursing Agency (bank/ Post Office etc) should have been done already
c) Additional information be handy with pensioner:
I. Type of Pension
II. Sanctioning Authority
III. Disbursing Agency/ Agency
IV. PPO Number
V. Account Number (pension)

Q. What information needs to be submitted by any pensioner to generate the Jeevan Pramaan?

A. The pensioner has to provide Aadhaar number, name, mobile number and self-declared pension related information like PPO number, pension account number, bank details, name of PSA, PDA etc. The pensioner has to also provide his/her biometrics, either Iris or fingerprint. Currently, only fingerprint option is live through IPPB.

Q. Is Aadhaar number mandatory to generate Jeevan Pramaan or DLC?

A. Yes. Aadhaar number or VID is a must for generating/obtaining the Jeevan Pramaan.

Q. How is a pensioner notified after successful generation of DLC?

A. After successful generation of DLC, an acknowledgement SMS is sent to the pensioner’s registered mobile number by NIC including Jeevan Pramaan Certificate ID details. After the completion of process, status of DLC generation will also be shown on screen along with Pramaan ID (if successful). Pensioner can also note the ID from there as well.

Q. Does a pensioner need to submit the Jeevan Pramaan or DLC to his/her bank/post office etc.?

A. No. The pensioner does not have to submit the DLC to the bank/post office/PDA. The DLC will be automatically available to them electronically.

Q. Can a pensioner download their DLC online after it is generated?

A. Yes. After Pramaan ID is generated, pensioner can download the DLC from the following link https://jeevanpramaan.gov.in/ppouser/login.

Q. In case a pensioner receives a SMS on mobile relating to rejection of Jeevan Pramaan or DLC, what is the process for generating and issuing the life certificate?

A. Jeevan Pramaan gets rejected in case wrong particulars are provided by pensioner while generating the DLC. It is recommended that a new Jeevan Pramaan i.e. Pramaan-ID should be generated by providing all correct information and biometrics. If still the issue reoccurs then it is suggested to contact respective PDA.

Q. Where can a customer register a complaint regarding Jeevan Pramaan?

A. Customers can log complaint with their respective PDA for complaints like non-generation of DLC, rejection by PDA etc. In case of any service-related issues from IPPB, they can follow the instructions/details/process given in the following link https://www.ippbonline.com/web/ippb/complaints