FAQ's Merchant

Q. Who is a merchant?

A. A person or company involved in trade, especially supplying goods and services to a consumer is a merchant.

Q. What is the IPPB Merchant App?

A. The IPPB Merchant App is for merchants to collect/accept payments from their customers, against the sale of goods and services and maintain and service the merchant account.

Q. How does a merchant need to sign up?

A. Upon successful approval from IPPB, we will send an SMS with your current account details and a link to download the IPPB Merchant App, promptly through your registered mobile number. Then, the customer may download the merchant app from google play store. To become a registered merchant, there is a merchant agreement that needs to be accepted during the new user activation.

Q. Where does the money collected get transferred?

A. The money thus collected will be transferred to the Merchant’s linked current account with India Post Payments Bank(IPPB) in real time.

Q. How can a Merchant register with this App?

A. To become a registered merchant, there is a merchant agreement that needs to be filled up and submitted at any of the nearest IPPB branches, post office or through a GDS/Postman.

Q. What is the process if an existing IPPB customer wants to self-board as a Merchant?

A. If a customer has a current account with IPPB, then he may download the merchant app to do self-onboarding as a merchant.

Q. How long does the approval process take?

A. The approval process takes approximately 24 hours or less after all necessary application information is received.

Q. How do I know when the approval has been completed?

A. Once the application has been approved, we will notify you immediately through SMS.

Q. How can a merchant use this app to accept payments?

A. The IPPB Merchant App provides following features to the merchant: • Accept payments for goods/services sold: At the retail store - This solution is available using: • Transactions initiated by the customer, i.e., scanning a QR card and making payments in push transaction mode. • Transactions initiated by the merchant, i.e., accepting payments from the IPPB customer via Account Number + OTP, scanning customer QR card + OTP, Aadhaar Number + OTP in pull transaction mode.

Q. Is IPPB Merchant app free?

A. Yes. In the app, there are no charges for downloading, registering and payment acceptance.

Q. What do I need to download the IPPB Merchant App?

A. You need an active internet service (2G / 3G / 4G / Wi-Fi) to download and use the IPPB Merchant App.

Q. How do I find this app on Google?

A. Visit the Google Play store and search using the keyword “IPPB Merchant”. You can click on install and download the app.

Q. Do I need to be an IPPB customer to use this app?

A. Yes, you need to have a Current Account with IPPB, to register on “IPPB Merchant App”. To open a Current Account and for further information, please visit our website/branch/access point or call our call center.

Q. What are the steps using which I can activate my account on “IPPB merchant” app?

A. A merchant needs to follow these steps to activate his/her login credentials for the first time: 1. Open the IPPB Merchant App 2. Tap ‘New User Activation’ button 3. In the User Id text field, type your mobile number registered with IPPB and click on the Submit button. 4. An OTP screen appears. Enter the OTP, sent to the registered mobile number. 5. Click on Submit button 6. The Create Password screen appears 7. Tap the Password text field and type your password. Re-enter your password in the Confirm Password field. 8. Click Submit. 9. The Home Screen for login appears

Q. What is ‘void’ facility?

A. The Void facility enables the merchant to initiate a refund of completed transactions to the IPPB customer. This will be useful to resolve any disputes/duplicate payments, etc.

Q. What are the steps to initiate a ‘void’ transaction on the app?

A. To initiate ‘void’ transaction on the app, follow these steps: 1. Click on the Void icon on the Dashboard 2. Enter the Transaction Id (RRN – can be seen on My Transactions) 3. Click on Search 4. Verify customer and transaction details. (The amount will be pre-populated and cannot be edited) 5. Enter OTP 6. The Void transaction is confirmed 7. The money will be refunded to the customer successfully

Q. Is the void transaction from “IPPB Merchant app” to IPPB customer chargeable?

A. No

Q. Where can I view my transaction details?

A. After successful authentication, post login or after completion of a transaction, the transaction details will be available in Transaction History on the Dashboard.

Q. How do I view my transaction history?

A. Tap on the Transactions History button on the dashboard screen and you can view a detailed transaction history.

Q. How can I change my PIN, once I have set it for ‘IPPB Merchant App’?

A. From the “My Account” screen you can navigate to the ‘Change PIN’ screen. You will be prompted to fill in: • Current PIN • New PIN • Confirm New PIN You can enter the Current PIN and a New PIN to replace it.

Q. Whom do I contact in case of any queries?

A. In case of any queries/suggestions/feedback, you can log into the “IPPB Merchant” app and go to the FAQ section. There you can choose the relevant questions to seek answers to your queries.

Q. How do I contact the bank?

A. You can call the Bank’s Contact Centre at 155299. Alternatively, you can also drop in a mail to contact@ippbonline.in