FAQs - QR Card

Q. What is a QR card?

A. A QR card is the digital form of a QR code or a barcode that is used to identify the bank account holder.

Q. How would a QR card help me?

A. A QR card would help you with easy transactions. It will allow you do to quick cash transactions, speedy money transfers, bill payments and cashless shopping.

Q. Can I use a QR card in an ATM?

A. No. You cannot use the QR card in an ATM.

Q. Where can I use my QR card?

A. You can use your QR card at post office counters, at your doorstep through our GDS/Postmen and at the IPPB merchant stores for cashless payments through the IPPB account.

Q. Do I need to pay any additional charges for making a transaction through my IPPB QR card?

A. There are no additional charges for making transaction through IPPB QR.

Q. Is there any cost of getting a QR card from IPPB?

A. No. The first QR card is free at IPPB.

Q. What if I lose my QR card?

A. In case you lose your QR card or it is stolen, you can contact us on the toll-free number 155299 or visit our nearest bank branch office to reapply for the QR card.

Q. Will my money be safe if my card is lost or stolen?

A. Yes. Your money will be safe even if your QR card is lost or stolen as each transaction is authenticated through biometrics.

Q. Can I have multiple QR cards for the same account?

A. No. You can have only one card for one account.

Q. How can I keep the track of my transactions?

A. Every transaction will reflect on your bank account statement. You can also view your past transactions on our mobile banking app.

Q. When will I receive my QR card?

A. You will receive your QR card as soon as you open an account at IPPB.