Whistle Blower Policy of IPPB

Under the Public Interest Disclosure & Protection of Informer’s (PIDPI) Resolution-2004, a whistle blower is an employee of IPPB, who lodges a complaint of corruption or misuse of office by any employee of IPPB, addressing the complaint only to the Central Vigilance Commission or the Chief Vigilance Officer, IPPB. The whistle blower is entitled to the protection of his identity from disclosure. He or she has to, however, adhere strictly to the following Dos and Don’ts: -


  1. Do's


    1. The whistle blower’s complaint should be in a closed and secured envelope
    2. The envelope should be super scribed with the words “Complaint under the Public Interest Disclosure” only
    3. The envelope should be addressed to the Chief Vigilance Officer (CVO), IPPB only
    4. The complainant should give his or her name and address at the beginning or end of the complaint or in an attached letter. The name and address should not figure in the body of the complaint. The name and address details should be detachable from the body of the complaint.
    5. The complaint should be sent to the Chief Vigilance Officer (CVO), IPPB by post.



  1. Don’ts


    1. Do not address a complaint under PIDPI to authorities other than the CVO or the Central Vigilance Commission, as protection of the complainant’s identity cannot be otherwise guaranteed.
    1. Do not communicate a PIDPI complaint via e-mail or telephone


NOTE: Anonymous or pseudonymous complaints shall be filed without any cognizance.